“Proposition 8 is an Embarassment…To ALL Americans”

I’ve had zero time to blog recently, but came across a well-written comment on the passing of Prop 8 in California and want to quickly second it. Although a significant mental disconnect exists in embracing the intelligent musings of one whom I’ve come to unconsciously view as the horny and hapless Charlie Runkle, I have to admit that Evan Handler is spot on with the sentiment

“[T]he passage of Proposition 8 in California is an embarrassment to, and an indictment of, all Americans.”

He also noted that although the gay community is vocally protesting the measure, the straight community has been shamefully quiet. He’s right, and it’s another reason I’m taking a few minutes to write this tonight.

Handler continues

Denying any Americans any rights that other Americans hold is discrimination. Period. It doesn’t matter whether the discrimination is motivated by morality, or religious beliefs, or a Ouija board, it’s still discrimination. And that makes it illegal. (And that comes after the fact that it’s wrong.) It should be clear to everyone (or made clear to them) that it puts us all in danger of the same kind of discrimination being pointed our way the moment someone decides we’re on the wrong side of their moral or religious measurements.

He suggests supporting those businesses who openly opposed the proposition – notably Google and Apple, each of whom formally denounced Prop 8 – and denying business to those who supported it. This is my favorite way to protest, capitalism at its very best – hit ’em in the pocketbook!

Already the struggle has begun to overturn Prop 8 in court. You can sign a petition to Gov. Schwarzenegger or donate to the Invalidate Prop 8 campaign at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. All donations are made in the name of the Thomas Monson, head of the Mormon Church, which spent $15 million on a PR campaign to convince people gay marriage would corrupt and defile their children. Many more suggestions are available on the What Do We Do Now? page at ProudParenting.com.

Thanks to Ann at Feministing, here are the outcomes of other Nov 4th ballot measures affecting LGBT rights:

Amendment 2 in Florida: Passed. Yet another gay marriage ban.

Proposition 102 in Arizona: Passed. As Dana noted previously, “Arizona became the first state in the nation to reject an anti-gay marriage amendment in 2006, but they’re likely to pass the measure this year, now that it has been stripped of language that also denied domestic partnership benefits to hetero couples.” Looks like that was the magic change to make bigotry palatable to Arizona voters.

Act 1 in Arkansas: Passed. Now gay couples are unable to adopt or foster-parent children. This from a state with 3700 children in the foster-care system, and only 1000 foster homes. Disgusting.

Question 1 in Connecticut: Failed! Lindsay at Female Impersonator explained earlier that this initiative would have allowed the state constitution to be changed — essentially clearing the way for anti-gay and anti-choice amendments to be tacked onto it. Glad it didn’t pass.


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2 Responses to ““Proposition 8 is an Embarassment…To ALL Americans””

  1. beetlebabee Says:

    I’ve been collecting pictures of these disagreeing faces during the protests. The ones portrayed in the news are tame in comparison. http://beetlebabee.wordpress.com/2008/11/06/pride-predjudice-prop8-rage/

    We all had the chance to vote. I’m glad I did, but now to see the side which claimed tolerance and love participate in this kind of bigotry is pretty sobering. The mask just fell off.

  2. Julie Ann Marra Says:

    If I was suddenly and “lawfully” put in a position of paying full taxes while receiving partial rights, I’d be pretty pissed too. In fact, I’m not personally discriminated against in this way and I’m still mad. How is being angry about discrimination against you and your loved one a sign of bigotry and intolerance? Your viewpoint is skewed and completely unsubstantiated.

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