“Compassionate Conservative or Dangerous Kook?” Wasilla Project Seeks the Real Sarah Palin

A group of friends in the film industry  ventured up to Wasilla to document resident’s views on Sarah Palin. They describe The Wasilla Project as follows:

When McCain nominated Palin for VP, we were especially intrigued. The stories from the right and the left have flown back and forth furiously and it’s been hard to know what to believe.

So we decided to go to Wasilla to find out for ourselves.

What do the people of Wasilla really believe about Sarah Palin? Who is she? How was she as an executive in Wasilla? Is she a religious fanatic? A competent administrator? A compassionate conservative or a dangerous kook?

By taking a credible, authentic look at the real Wasilla, and the real Sarah Palin, in the first person voices of the people who really know her, we hope to counter the mythical “narrative” with something a lot more nuanced and valuable.

The first short was just released and it dealt with the rape kit controversy.

NOTE: I know nothing about the people involved in the Wasilla Project. They could be interested solely in discrediting Palin and unwilling to document any glowing endorsements they might come across. I don’t know – I’ve only seen the one short. What I do know is that the facts presented in the film can be verified ten times over in the mainstream media – and no where have they been blatantly refuted.

See for yourself:

ANOTHER NOTE: I realize that my blog is beginning to look like a Palin hate-space as of late. I don’t hate Sarah Palin, I just don’t want her holding the second highest position in the country and the possibility of that is something I guess I’ve yet to recover from.

Most of this stuff is being passed by on the election trail, I suppose to keep things from devolving into the tit-for-tat finger pointing of “Reverand Wright!” “Pastor Hagee!” “Reverand Muthy!” (Which candidate’s clergy are the craziest? Um…ALL of them.) But since it doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s minds when discussing who’s voting for whom, I feel compelled to talk about it here. I assume the people behind the Wasilla Project had a similar motivation.


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One Response to ““Compassionate Conservative or Dangerous Kook?” Wasilla Project Seeks the Real Sarah Palin”

  1. morningcupofcoffee Says:

    Your stance on/against Palin is to be expected. This is a very passionate election for a lot of people and you and I have just been swept up in it. We’ll get back to blogging about other things on November 10th- after the Obama victory parties start to taper off.



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