Students Active For Ending Rape – Donate Today

Safer Students Active For Ending Rape (SAFER) is a national non-profit based in NY, and in the next 24 hours you have a unique opportunity to help them raise a good chunk of change. If they receive the most unique donors between now and tomorrow (Saturday 12/22) at 3pm, they’ll win an extra $1,000 in Facebook’s Causes Giving Challenge.

Are you reading this too late? Donate anyway and if SAFER amasses the most unique donors in 50 days, they could win $50,000!

The contest is being run by a Facebook charity group called Causes, which was started by a couple of guys from Berkeley who founded Project Agape: “deploying a platform for large-scale political and social activism on the Internet.”

You have to register with Facebook if you don’t already have an account, and the minimum donation is $10. But the contest isn’t about dollar amounts, just the number of donors.

Still reluctant? Here’s what SAFER is all about. Keep in mind it’s run almost entirely by college students.

SAFER is a national nonprofit organization devoted to training grassroots student activists to win improvements in the sexual assault policies at their colleges and universities. Colleges often fail to provide students with basic services to deal with epidemic levels of sexual violence on campus. Survivors of sexual assault are retraumatized with unresponsive and unfair policies that often recreate the oppressions that lead to sexual violence. SAFER seeks to provide student activists with the tools they need to challenge university complacence regarding sexual assault.

SAFER was founded not simply to combat the problem of sexual assault, but to help reorganize the fragmented progressive movement by training a new generation of grassroots organizers. While right-wing organizations have spent millions training and developing their young leaders, progressive organizers lack the skills to combat a growing wave of rightist social control. Young progressives are often overwhelmed by the number of social problems they face, and find themselves unable to commit to one winnable campaign to improve the conditions of their lives.

SAFER believes that by focusing on one deeply felt issue and allowing young organizers to “practice” their skills within the political microcosms of their university communities, we can not only create a less racist, violent and misogynistic environment on college campuses, but also develop effective and experienced direct action organizers who will take their skills into the larger political sphere when they leave college.

In addition to educational resources that individually target students, faculty, and parents, SAFER has two main projects. The Stories Project encourages survivors to tell their stories, not only to break their devastating silences, but also to demonstrate the depth and pervasiveness of sexual violence on college campuses. The Policies Database Project documents sexual assault policies of campuses all over the country for eventual analysis and publication. They’re looking to hire law students to speed the database along (if you know any), and for that and so much more, they need $$$!


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2 Responses to “Students Active For Ending Rape – Donate Today”

  1. Nora Says:

    Thanks so much for supporting our cause. I wanted to invite you to check out our blog,, and ask if you minded if we added you to our blogroll?

  2. blackbirdwoja Says:

    Hey Nora,

    Great blog! You guys are really doing important work. I’d be honored to be on your blogroll. Thanks for writing!


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