ICE Forcibly Drugs Deportees – (ICE PART THREE)

In October 2007, charges were brought against the US agency of Immigration and Customs EnSyringe_2forcement
(ICE) for forcibly injecting deportees with psychotropic medications. According to a recent CNN article immigrants Raymond Soeoth of Indonesia and Amadou Diouf of Senegal were injected with the drugs against their will, and are now a part of class-action lawsuit seeking to stop the practice.

The men’s attorney, Ahilan Arulanantham stated

It would be torture to give a powerful anti-psychotic drug to somebody who isn’t even mentally ill. … But here, it’s happening on U.S. soil to an immigrant the government is trying to deport.”

Dr. Paul Appelbaum, a professor of psychiatry, law and ethics at Columbia University, reviewed the case and said

That is the sort of thing that would be subject to a malpractice claim in the civilian world.”

ICE head Julie Myers admits the practice, known as a “medical escort” was used in 1,073 deportations since 2003. From October 2006 to April 2007 56 deportees received psychotropic medications. The agency has denied Arulanantham’s requests to release the identities of injected individuals.

Myers says that 33 of the admitted 56 drugged deportees received medication “because of combative behavior with the imminent risk of danger to others and/or self.” She does not specify why the 23 non-combative individuals were injected. If they had psychiatric need for the medication they would have been on a schedule of oral administration, although given ICE’s failure to provide even life-saving drugs to detainees, it’s
difficult to understand how this would have come about.

Both Soeoth and Diou deny combative behavior, claims that are backed-up by ICE paperwork on the deportations.

Soeoth, a Christian minister fleeing persecution, spent 27 months in detention awaiting deportation after his bid for political asylum was rejected.

He was injected with Haldol (anti-psychotic) and Cogentin(anti-tremor, Parkinsons drug) even though (ICE) records show he has no history of mental illness.

Diouf was wrestled to the ground and injected while trying to show authorities his stay of deportation document. According to the AP, he says he suffered “extreme dizziness, paranoia and sleeplessness for two days before the
medication wore off.”

Why would they even have access to these drugs? People who need life-saving drugs can’t get them yet deportees are rendered docile with the inappropriate use of psychotropics?

What physician is authorizing this? Cogentin is proscribed with Haldol to counteract Haldol’s long-term side-effect of uncontrollable twitching, especially in the facial muscles. It is difficult to imagine why they would pair the two for a one-time dose, unless they know next to nothing about the drugs. And what ever happened to Valium? Clozapine? Or any of a handful of other drugs appropriate to the task?

Again, these people are peaceably asking for our help and they’re being regarded as convicted criminals. In fact, convicted criminals receive markedly better medical care than innocent immigrants.


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