Playing Politics With Womens Lives – Disappointing Hearing on Global Gag Rule

Ann on Feministing has some great, though enraging, coverage of a recent House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the effect of the Global Gag Rule, which denies US funding to any for any non-government organization that even mentions abortion. The effects of this have been devastating.


Most of the members who took time to attend the hearing were anti-choice Republicans who support Bush’s policy of denying women and girls in developing nations access to family planning resources.

It did reveal the astonishing disconnect between what pro-life proponents zealously believe and what is actually happening. They truly believe they are doing the right thing and ignore all evidence to the contrary. How else can a “pro-life” believer ardently support a policy that leads to the deaths of women in developing countries without reducing abortion rates? Ann clarifies with the term “pro-fetal life,” which excuses nothing but is at least more accurate.

More Reading on the Topic:

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