Blumenthal Finds “Values Voters” Growing More Extreme

Max Blumenthal on Huffington today:Valuesvoterswhitelogo

On October 20 and 21st, I attended the Value Voters Summit, a massive
gathering hosted by the Colorado-based Christian right mega-ministry,
Focus on the Family, and its Washington lobbying arm, the Family
Research Council. […]

If anything, the movement seemed more extreme and paranoid than it did four years ago. […]

Star Parker, a former welfare cheat who had multiple abortions, claimed to me that abortion is the leading cause of death among African American women between the ages of 25 and 34. Then she described her wish for the forced quarantine of all “sodomites.” Parker was not a lone wacko milling around in the hallway; she was a speaker invited by the Family Research Council.

Check out his video report “Theocracy Now: In Search of Values at the 2007 Value Voters Summit” and see for yourself.


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