Male Blogger Responds to McCain’s Blogettes

I stumbled across this brief post (also pasted below) about Meghan McCain’s blog. Either blogger “David” and I see American female “Gen-nexters” entirely differently, or we’re just not reading the same blog. See my post from last week on McCain’s “blogettes”, check out the blogettes themselves, then tell me what you think of the following, posted today on the David All Group “From the Trenches” Blog.

McCain’s Blogette launches

Via Jonathan Martin of the Politico, we learn that John McCain’s 22-year-old daughter, Meghan, and a few friends have launched a group blog in support of John’s candidacy, “McCain Blogette: Musings and Pop Culture on the Political Trail.

I love it. It reminds me of the good work Jenna and Barbara Bush did on the campaign trail for their father to help reach out to Gen Next voters and young professionals.

The good news, which we learn from the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, is that the blog is owned by Meghan McCain and is not affiliated with the official campaign. Why do we care who it’s owned by? Because what that does is give Meghan and her friends a bit of breathing room and won’t have to run anything by the McCain press shop.

In other words, better content in real time.

This could help the McCain campaign indirectly reach a new audience, women voters and Gen Nexters… two groups of voters I’m particularly concerned about this cycle.

Good work.

Good work? Better content in real time? He anticipates a sway in female 20-something votes? Shoes and party pics really drive ’em to the polls. The type of young women who will relate to this blog is not the type to read it. They are not the type to vote. In fact, they may not be old enough…

I understand she’s restricted from going off on the issues, but if everything said in the blog could reasonably be prefaced with “OMG!”…well, it’s just insulting. (Seriously, a campaign trail must be rife with things to talk about – all the people who amass from all over the country, all their stories and personal motivations for putting their time and effort and, most astonishing of all, plain good faith in one particular candidate… or what about all the towns across America she’s seeing for the very first time? Or hell, the stringent protocol of campaigning itself would be more interesting than current blogette drivel…)

I checked back and was enthused to see a “Three Generation of McCain women” headline and photo. The post, however provided more banal generalizations and virtually nothing of substance. Nothing of interest. She did dare to admit that she sometimes tires of all that maternal company because

they drive me crazy from time to time (sometimes I don’t want an(y) opinions on my fashion choices!)

I can only hope “David” is over 40 so that we can credit an age gap on top of the gender gap to explain his perplexing assumptions about young females.


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One Response to “Male Blogger Responds to McCain’s Blogettes”

  1. A Visitor Says:

    You’re describing the blog which you would write if you were a candidate’s daughter. Ms. McCain has a right to be shallow, or facetious, or whatever motivates her style.

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