A New Breed – The Beta Male

Male_female_rvs_3“Oh, I can be smart. But most men don’t like it.”

Marilyn Monroe said these words roughly fifty years ago. If only the sentiment no longer held true. Kate Mulvey has a thoughtful piece in the London Times online: What modern women want: a beta male.

She sites a study that finds exceptionally intelligent women have difficulties finding prospects for marriage. A trend that didn’t occur in men. Yet she contends:

The alpha girl doesn’€™t need Mr Alpha to sweep her off her feet and buy her a condo in town; she has enough money to do that herself. She is successful, confident and she wants a caring man who can pick up some of the domestic slack.

This Newsweek article notes that love interests in film are growing increasingly less Colin Farrell and more Will Ferrel or Steve Carell. Or Jim from The Office.

As women gain more opportunities in society, the man/woman dynamic is necessarily changing. But as much as we’re all alike, we all individuals. It seems to me, we’re talking about simple human insecurities in both genders. Plenty of women still want to be taken care of by their mate – still mistake picking up the check for chivalry. On the other hand, a man will be comfortable with a strong female if his identity and security are strong enough they they don’t require a mate to be financially and intellectually dependent.

Addendum: Wow. Mulvey’s article sure pushed someone’s buttons. This woman’s reaction says a lot more about how she identifies her own self worth than it does about anything else.


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2 Responses to “A New Breed – The Beta Male”

  1. James A. Donald Says:

    She is lying.

    Women always say, and frequently believe, that they want the kind of man that rationally they should want. But they do not. Women are deeply irrational. Sexual urges are often self destructive in men, considerably frequently self destructive in gays, and fairly uniformly self destructive in women. What women want is never what they say they want, frequently not what they think they want, and seldom what they should want.

    Getting women to choose rationally, choose what is good for them, requires a fair bit of deception, manipulation, and physical coercion by the male – hence the considerable success of societies where marriages are in substantial part arranged by parents.

    Getting women to sleep with a suitable male rather than an unsuitable male is harder than getting children to eat their spinach.

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