“I think Planned Parenthood is Amazing.”

Actress Kate Walsh is a committed advocate for woman’s reproductive rights and sexual health. Read her interview with Planned Parenthood. She concludes

“I think what Planned Parenthood is doing is amazing. There needs to be a place for women to go to get safe, responsible, up-to-date medical care.”

Despite ardent opposition including gory signs and prayer vigils, the new Planned Parenthood has opened in Aurora Illinois. Protesters have assured the press that they will not stop their efforts to close the clinic. Under what legal precedent? Unacknowledged seems to be the array of vital education and medical services to which many women in this community would otherwise have no access. Zealotry is single-minded almost by definition (in my opinion) but it’s simply irresponsible and inexcusable to not examine the full reality of this situation. Holding signs and pointing fingers seems to be the majority of the pro-life repertoire.

They ignore what Planned Parenthood CEO Steve Trombley succinctly said at the clinic’s opening:

“We know that the services we provide will do more in one day to prevent abortions than our opposition will do in a lifetime of protesting.”

Check out this PP statement: Aurora Struggle Reflects Growing Battle Against Politics Trumping Health Care

Also, see for yourself all the evil happenings at Aurora’s PP blog and website.


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