Meghan McCain – WHO is she talking to?

Huffington’s Post did a little piece on Senator McCain’s daughter who has just started blogging on theBlogette_01_2
campaign trail. In the post Meghan McCain explains, “We were basically loosely inspired by Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail,’ but for more of this generation.” Um, okay…

Meghan is a Columbia Art History grad who has worked – in an unclear capacity – for Newsweek and SNL. She is accompanied by three other “blogettes” with similarly hazy career paths, who are friends of the McCain’s and whose criteria for involvement was apparently perky blonde looks and sorority-ish enthusiasm. At least, that’s how it appears if you read the blog.

It really is unbelievable. It sounds as though it were written by a forty-something marketing exec trying to pass as a twenty-two year old in an effort to target — I don’t know, the female +18 set who worry over fashion and have adore their Dads? It reads like bad Vogue, or Chicken Soup for the Campaign Daughter’s Soul. Who do they really think they’re targeting with this?

Copious smiling vacation-style snapshots of the beaming blonde quartet and the beaming blonde Mrs. McCain are interspersed with…okay, summary cannot do this justice – here is a paragraph from yesterday’s posting:

When I arrived at the debate hall, I accompanied my dad to the make-up room for TV. I always like to make sure that make-up artists don’t make him look too tan.
Absolutely nothing looks worse on TV – it’s distracting! Also, you might have noticed that my dad’s cheeks are somewhat full; he has, as it has been coined, “walnut cheeks” (a facial feature I’m proud to share with him) and know firsthand how to minimize their appearance. As you can imagine he is “thrilled” with my expertise. For the debate tonight I decided on a black Elie Tahari shift dress and my favorite shoe designer, Barbara Bui for shoes (when I say favorite, this woman can do no wrong when it comes to shoes).

“As you can imagine he is ‘thrilled’ with my expertise”? Make-up tips and designer shoes? There’s even a cute shot of Dad carrying Mom’s purse (and labeled as such). Who do they think they are reaching? If Meghan was twelve and not twenty-something it might reach sentimental moms and dads. But if they are trying to reach college-age females they’re insulting every one of them.

You love your family, they love you. That’s great. That’s endearing. Why not have a blog that shows that AND has something to say? Romney’s sons knock it out of the park with their “Five Brothers” blog. Love, dedication, and strategic stories about the campaign trail. Sure there are family photos and campaign trail shots, but there are also videos of Romney interviews and speeches, maps outlining their trail, and blogs on the regions they are visiting. They are even gentlemanly enough to welcome Meghan to the blogosphere and place a link to her
blog. Any why not? Considering.

A stab at the issues resulted in this clunky paragraph. Is this really all a young “professional woman” has to say about the environment? Throw a statistic or two in there. Shouldn’t there be hint of something underneath?

Climate change is a very important issue to me; in fact, there are few issues other than the war in Iraq I find as relevant. I try to do my part by driving a Prius,
recycling, using eco-friendly light bulbs, etc. but I know that I can always do more and so does my dad.

I don’t know which is worse, that this was written by Meghan or that it wasn’t.

It’s like a national marketing campaign gone terribly wrong. I can ‘t even think of an example. I’m curious to see how long the “McCain Blogette” keeps up its current style. By next week I expect some deftly placed “serious” posts intermixed with the blinding blond grins and elbow-nudge family humor.


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