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The Writer’s Almanac Apm

Based on the NPR radio show, Garrison Keillor puts together this site with a daily
poem and tid-bits about happenings in the past literary and cultural landscape. For example, today he recounts how on this day in 1955 Alan Ginsberg gave his first public reading of the then unpublished HOWL. At first halting and timid, he slowly succumbed to the passion of his words, delivering them with the vehemence of a preacher and evoking shouts and cheers after each line. By the end, the moderator of the reading was in tears and told him the work would make him famous. Which it did, of course, partly from the obscenity trial which immediately followed it’s publication in 1956.

Each day it’s something new. You can even hear an audio of the poems, if you wish. I subscribe to the email newsletter and start each day with a good poem and a few interesting blurbs.

Charlie Rose
Years worth of full-length Charlie Rose interviews available for free streaming! You can search by name, or browse by category or year. I dove into old interviews with Joyce Carol Oats and Margret Atwood. They are the kinds of conversations I just don’t have in my life. Admittedly, I need more writer/artist friends. So much as noting symbolism in the moment, or moping about a 2-dimensional bad guy in a character-driven film silences my family and handful of friends. Conversations with these writers, unsurprisingly, swim into art and life. Just the vocabulary makes me giddy. There’s a GREAT interview with Alan Alda, to whom I’d never given much thought previously. Listening to him talk about his life, makes me want to live more fully. I’m wasting too much time! Why don’t I stop to relish the changing leaves? The feel of the wind on my face? The loving-blissful gaze of my dog as I scratch her belly?

Stephen Fry was wonderful, too. Cate Blanchett has been on seven times in the past eight years. There are several lovely interviews with Catherine Deneuvre, and good ones with writer/historian Pete Hamill.

So far, I’ve only delved into the art/entertainment section. There’s a wealth on science, technology, politics. Iraq and Darfur have their own sections. Need I really say more? It’s Charlie Rose!

Anyway, whomever you like they’re bound to have an interview or two on the site. If you have some time to spare, poke around. Clicking on someone I didn’t know or whom I hadn’t considered interesting often yielded an evocative surprise…


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