Better Than Yesterday – I love capitalism!

I’m working on a piece about animal testing and in it, I point the finger at companies who use animal testing testing, many times cavalierly, for profit and from a resistance to change. Anyway, I realized I was sounding a bit…well, anti-corporate. One of those capitalists are evil people, and why can’t we live in a commune somewhere bonding with nature and eschewing vain commercial possessions?
Although I love nature, and will hike and bike with the best of them, this is quite the antithesis of what I actually believe.

As a sort of disclaimer to the post that will follow this…I love capitalism. I love advertising and marketing. I find it fascinating. The psychology of the average American and how it affects spending habits, what we think materials say about ourselves – it’s a complex mirror held up to our high-speed world. And I think it’s great.

No, things weren’t better in the “good old days”. Technology is largely giving us lives that are
vastly superior and more healthy (YES, more healthy!) than ever before. I don’t believe pharma is making us sicker, rather I think we’re living longer and more healthfully than ever before. Isn’t there proof of this
everywhere? And if there is more ADD and ED and PMS than ever before — it’s only being diagnosed more than ever. We have the luxury of caring about the smaller details. One hundred years ago you were lucky
to still be around let alone be concerned that you can’t fulfill the needs of your second wife. Are they over prescribed? Of course. No one wants to work for anything and delayed gratification is about as enticing as delayed punishment is cautionary. Diet and exercise? “I can’t imagine myself at 70, I guess I”ll be okay…” And then at 70 you aren’t, so thank god there’s a medical industry prepared to help you and not treat you as someone who has lived a long 70-years and should be ready to hand off the baton to a younger generation. Keep
your baton. We can help you use it.

Is big-pharma corrupt? Sure, some of it. Are corporations corrupt? Some, yup. You know where else we find corruption? Charities. Government agencies. FEMA. The Senate. Small business. Corrupt? Yes. Nothing is utterly corrupt, but greed and power are a breeding ground for that base human behavior – lying, stealing, injuring others for our own gain. It’s human. Those who decry that big business is evil and the government should make more laws to protect and save its poor masses haven’t paid much attention to the government over the past hundred years. People love to say what is wrong and then fold their arms and look defiantly at the world. They don’t follow with what would be better. How would you solve this? “I’d make a bunch of laws that made everything the way I think it should be.”

I’ve heard this a lot. Well, we’re a democracy. One person thinking they know better and inflicting that on everyone else is…well, a dictatorship. And a lazy thought pattern. It’s the deus ex machina for people who want to feel socially responsible and aware, but who are doing absolutely zero to change anything. Only loudly proselytizing how we all need to know that “someone (gov’t) isn’t doing anything.” But at least no one is pulling the wool over their eyes, which is the unspoken sentiment which always seems to drive this type of commentary.

Anyway, capitalism good. Drugs, technology, good. Lobbyists? Suck, of course. (But if the government didn’t exert such control over businesses, lobbying wouldn’t even exist.) Corruption, turning a blind eye, inflicting suffering for profit, and cruelty in any form, so so not good.

Animal testing post coming soon…


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